Icelandic Band Sigur Ros on Folding Brompton Bikes

Folding bikes are really handy. I can imagine the boredom and sedentary waiting around for the show to start would probably make me a bit crazy. A pair of running shoes would most likely be my refuge of choice because it’s portable. But a folding bike would be ideal. Brompton is making a few different models. I imagine they would make a great city commuter where you had limited storage space in the office.

These Brompton Bikes really come in handy when you are traveling the world as an international rock tour de force. That was said with irony by the way. The goofy lads in Sigur Ros have a reputation for backstage antics that get them hurt. See if you can spot the jump where Jonsi (guy in striped shirt) hits his nuts on the jump.

We also saw Sigur Ros in Detroit on tuesday, show report coming soon.


  1. I’ve been fortunate to see them every time they passed through Michigan.

    I really enjoyed all of the shows and all of the albums.

  2. Two Sigur Ros posts is a row =’s awesome.

    Best band ever.


    David J.