Kayak Surfing South Haven May 8th 2010

John Fleming and I managed to hit the water on May 8th to go surfing on Lake Michigan in South Haven. Winds were reported at 30 knots. Waves were 7-11 ft at the buoy. We never saw an 11 foot wave. Though once every five minutes we did see a solid 8 footer.

We caught some nice rides, I even got a clean ride along the line on the inside once the wind started dying.

One Comment

  1. Hey Kieth! We had strangly awesome waves sat down by wilhala. Wind was more west than northwest, which created really clean 4′ to maybe 6 or 7 foters. The open water waves were racing east and then wrapping around pier struture providing us with long clean semi-predictable waves that were very nice. Complete wind protection also. I think this was only possible due to the near gale force winds at open water with semi protected beach absorbing some of the physical pressure on water surface? Well anyway it was good. paul