Lake Superior North Shore Family Vacation 2008

Wikle Family Circles North Shore of Lake Superior

Laura and I have been wanting to circle the north shore of Lake Superior with the kids for a couple of summers. I’ve been making trips to the Canadian north shore once a summer for almost five years. I’ve been fortunate to have so much flexibility to see a lot of the shore from a sea kayak. The drive is nothing short of spectacular. It was great to see Sleeping Giant Provincial Park from the land, and to see Split Rock Lighthouse in Minnesota. This is a great family trip. We camped a few days and then stayed in hotels a few. The kids can get out and do short hikes to waterfalls, amethyst mines, and all sorts of accessible natural beauty.

We drove along highway 17, through Ontario, stopping in Wawa, Neys, Thunderbay, and Duluth before heading down to Devil’s Lake to see Jessica, and Matt Flowers, (Laura’s youngest sister). We went to Noah’s Ark water park, and did some local paddling with Derrick Mayoleth and family. We also went to Madison for a day and witnessed the awesome spectacle of the Taste of Madison.

Other than hurricane force winds at the Greenland Symposium in Wawa, a little bit of rain here and there, my mortal fear of heights and concerns for my children while climbing the peaks at Devils Lake, this was an awesome vacation.

Our kids Gabriel and Isabella both said that this was by far their favorite vacation.

I am going to let the pictures do the talking now: