Lance Armstrong Finishes 22nd in Las Vegas 2008 Cyclocross

Lance has less than stellar finish in Less Vegas

Though I do not like to be one to predict doom and gloom and wish no ill will to anyone competing; Lance as predicted did not crush his competition. This is certainly his first cyclocross race since his return to professional cycling. Lance allegedly rode in the middle of the pack and kept dropping back throughout the race. Ryan Trebon of Team Kona, took first. The video below ironically focuses on Lance and not Trebon. I couldn’t find a video for this race featuring Ryan, the ummm-winner. Lance drew a huge crowd into the thousands.

Lance also crashed on a sharp corner. Check out this dark shadowy video of his crash.

And just in case someone thinks I’m being cruel. This is a race report from Santa Cross 2004 in Santa Cruz California. Lance won that race!!!