Lance Armstrong to take on Cyclocross?

Will Cycling’s Most Favored Son take on Cyclocross?

I am not much of a celebrity hound. I never really followed the Tour de France. I occasionally read Velo News. But I typically spend more time reading about cycle commuting than I do about competitive professional cycling. Last month Lance Armstrong announced to the not so shocked world that he would return to the world of competitive cycling. Ok-that didn’t floor me. Professional athletes retiring and un-retiring is old news. However when I saw the link title from Velo News Armstrong tackling ‘cross? Trebon can’t wait, I thought this might be worth watching.

Armstrong took second in the Leadville 100. A one hundred mile mountain bike race is certainly a feat of endurance. Cyclocross season is gearing up. And a balls to the walls sprint for under an hour in the mud is not the same as a tour stage climb, or a mountain bike race. Cyclocross almost has it’s own specialty type of athlete and most of the racers do mountain bike races as well. But almost none are competing in road biking events and cyclocross.

I have nothing against Lance, but for the sport of cyclocross, (which is pretty much the coolest thing since well…chariot races) I hope the Kona team does hand his ass to him. It would be great for the sport to have a big name come out and do a few races, and for the world to see the true warriors of the holy cross shine. Then again Lance does seem to be superhuman and maybe he can take the punishment.


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  2. Lance is undoubtedly strong, but cyclocross is cyclocross. I’m sure he’ll place in top five, but I’m saying wouldn’t it be great for Cyclocross as a tiny splinter type of cycling had it’s own victory over the golden child. I mean Lance went out and placed second in the Leadville 100, which is reputedly a really tough race that he trained for, but it is obviously not his specialty. That’s frigging amazing to me-astounding. But it is an endurance event over a long distance. Where as Cyclocross is completely anaerobic, so maybe he just won’t do that well. We’ll see. As with most of my predictions, I’ll probably eat my words.


  3. I hope Lance hands him his ass in a 1 pint glass. What has this guy done?? Win something (anything) 7 cons. years then you can talk.