New Mega Surf Kayak – The Boost

Mega Boost Surf Kayak Video

Mega announced the launch of this new HP Surf Craft sometime back in December. The Mega Boost is solidly in line with a lot of the older Mega Surf Kayaks, like the Neutron or the Merlin, but it also appears to be a competitor with Kayaks from Watertech, like the Bandit, or the Valley Rush ( I would link to the product of the Valley Rush, but they currently have no product website 🙂 .

I would personally love to get one to surf side by side with a Watertech bandit. The dimensions are pretty similar, 7’6″ in length 24″ inches wide with a rounded powerpocket tail. It looks like the nose on this craft has a narrower entry with a lot more of that pointy elf shoe tip.

These kayaks are aimed at a competition performance crowd, but I have surfed this length of kayak on the Great Lakes and have had good success with breaking out and getting waves on Lake Michigan.

I might even be man enough to surf a pink one!

I am trying to be cautious about surf kayak lust having just received a new Valley Rush, but this Mega Boost May have me straying.

This thought led me to the Kinks song, Nothing in this world can stop me worrying about that Girl.

The line that I remembered was this one:

Try to put her outta my mind,
she’ll only cause me grief

Found this Feist cover of the Kinks song for kicks and giggles.

Woman Surfing a Mega Boost Surf Kayak

To make matters worse, Nigel Law down at Savannah Canoe and Kayak has the Mega Boost in stock.