Oct 16th Surf Jam Updates Reminder and Call for Photographers/Videographers

Quick Reminder, Surf Jam Oct 16th, 10:00 AM South Haven South Beach.

A few things to keep in mind for Oct 16th.

Here is a map to South Haven South Beach for your directions

Second, water temps are dropping on Lake Michigan slowly, but a 4/3 wetsuit at minimum, or farmer john + drytop, or drysuit is highly recommended, plus a neoprene hood. Gloves and pogies at your discretion. I may have extras I can bring. A warm drink, food, water, should come in handy as well as a helmet if you are daring and surf close to other people, or the pier.

Kelly Blades master provacateur and the Hunter S. Thompson of Kayaking has hinted that a P&H Delphin may be on demo.

Tim Truman has also hinted that some Stand Up Paddle Boards can be had.

I managed to drop my Pentax Optio and snap the hinge that shuts the memory card and battery, so I can take pictures, but not on the water. Shockproof my @$$.  So a call for photographers and videographers who may want to take shots from the pier, (best vantage points). Tell them to bring a DSLR and a tripod. We will try to get any and all worthwhile footage posted.