Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Festival Video 2009

It appears that the predictions for smallish waves were unfortunately correct. Though you do get to witness what the very talented can do with very little. It was certainly a lot more waves than I saw this weekend. So I would have been quite happy with the 3 foot surf. It looks like the swell picked up just in time to make the finals worth watching.

Stand Up Paddling, As you’ll note in the video was introduced to the competition for the first time this year. Chris Harvey took home the proverbial gold in the men’s High Performance division for the second year in a row. Though it appears that Galen Licht is also getting some much deserved press as a local boy.

Other Winners in their Division:


  1. Steamer's Lane at Santa Cruz is undoubtedly a great surf spot as the video shows, but there are lots of other places to surf along the California coast.

    Kayak Surfing Guide for the California Coast.

  2. Thanks for sharing us the video. It's really nice. Surf kayaking is very challenging.

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