Video Sea Kayak Surfing 360 Endo

John Fleming and I had a great afternoon of Sea Kayak Surfing in St. Joe. Waves were smallish, too small for a surf kayak, but really fun in a sea kayak. The sky was cold gun-metal gray. It looked like the waves were going to build over Saturday. We lucked out, and the wind did build to 25 knots on Saturday. Still wave faces never picked up to be more than four feet. But it was great fun to catch some controllable rides in a sea kayak with low-cost for failure.

This video was shot with a sticky pod mount on my Tiderace Xplore_S and a Panasonic Lumix TS3. Dog beach is right near Deer Lick Creek, sand moves around quite a bit. But right where I am surfing in the video you can see the bottom goes from deep, to shallow to deep again. This is where it is really fun to catch waves and plant the nose to do an ender. Great fun, and as it was about 60 degrees out with howling wind, no one was in the water to worry about.

The music in the video is Peter, Bjorn and John, tomorrow has to wait.


  1. or pirouette, or whatever that cool maneuver was

  2. Great endo!

  3. Looks like fun! We had waves Friday but not Saturday on the west side of the lake. Cold, cloudy, windy but fun!