Spencer Cooke Riot Surf Kayak Shaper interview on Kayaksurf.net

Spencer Cooke the lead designer of the new Riot Surf Kayak line gave an interview to Kayaksurf.net. The Spencer Cooke Interview can be read in full on their site.

Based on the interview it sounds as if Riot hopes to crack the surf market open a bit. Right now the specialty fabricators, Murky Waters, Dick Wold, and Mega sort of have the market for the US. But distribution and accessibility of these fine surf craft is sketchy.

Riot it seems will try to remedy this by making their three surf kayaks readily accessible in the US starting in January of 2009.

I look forward to seeing the Ninja’s and the Swords on the water.

Good Luck to Spencer Cooke.

Also the interview mentions the Interference Surf Film which is coming out in February. Mine’s on order. Time to pony up and order it at Effort TV.


  1. It will be online only this FRIDAY!


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