The emerging great lakes surf paddler

I’ve been surf kayaking since 2005. I’ve been talking to a number of people in the great lakes area about surf specific kayaks for quite a while.

Alec bloyd-peshkin had his eye on a surf boat for a while. While it’s always great to have someone order a brand new mega bullitt xs for their first kayak, it’s more practical to pick up a used kayak for your first surf craft. This way you can learn quickly, decide what you like, don’t like, and what puts a smile on your face about surfing.

Alec picked up this murky waters twist used.

Congrats to Alec. I look forward to catching some waves this spring with Alec.



  1. Alec Bloyd-Peshkin

    Hey Keith, I’m really excited too. I’m hoping we some good conditions this summer and fall, so that I get a chance to test out the new boat and learn some skills.


  2. Hey guys, hope u r happy with the twist Alec. Thanks again! C u on a wave.