Top of the Hill

I used to get up early with my father on sunday mornings. He would load my bike in his mazda wagon and we’d drive to downtown Clarkston. We took a circuitous route through some neighborhoods near the mill pond. Why he chose that route I don’t know. I would ride ahead of him most of the time and then circle back. Then we came to a hill right near Deer lake. I would huff and puff until I couldn’t budge the pedals, and then my dad would grab the back of my seat and push until I hit the top of the hill, and then I would rush to the bottom and wait for him.

I took Gabriel over to milham creek trail yesterday, he seemed hestitant about riding 7 miles, but quickly he realized he could outpace me while I was on foot. Gabriel carried my camelback, ( a non-80’s piece of equipment) so I could get a sip every once in a while. We made pretty good time, and Gabriel who usually complains a little about excercise did great. He did the whole seven miles and when we got back to the car, he says, can we do this every weekend.

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  1. Where is Milham Creek Trail? Sounds like a good time.