Tow in Ski Surfing-WTF?

WTF is all I have to say.

This looks like it might be fun for about an hour. I am not sure I would want to have my ankles attached to a ski for any sort of wave over about 4 feet, it looks like a great way to break your ankle.

This by the way makes surfing on your bottom look horribly dignified.


  1. Thanks for digging this up, Keith. I am with you on keeping my feet pointing forward.

    I am sure you’ve seen this ‘tow-in’ clip:

    Scares the living daylights out of me. The world record for Big Wave surfing is a ride on an 85′ wave! That’s 10 stories up!!!

  2. Keith, don’t you know it’s bad form to downplay any new “sport?” Better be careful, or you’ll get labeled as a regressive curmudgeon.

    I would categorize this right under stand up paddle boarding. Might be fun to try, but that’s about it.