US National Surf Kayaking Championship Results

This is the promo video for the World Surf Kayak Championships that will be held in the Outerbanks of North Carolina, Cape Hatteras in Fall of 2011.

Basque Surfer Edu flying off the lip in Mega Bullit S
The qualifying event was this past weekend at Cape Hatteras. ESKA, hosted the tournament event. As it turned out, according to ESKA, it was an international event with participants flying in from all over the world, US, Canada, Basque, and the UK.

The Battle For Hatteras Event was hosted at the same time, which made it a full event.

From what I can gather, Battle For Hatteras formed three person teams with any sort of craft to surf in heats for top score against other three person teams. But boat types surfed against boat types, Waveski vs. Waveski, HP boat vs. Hp Boat and so forth. For an amateur, (me) it sounds like something we (Great Lakes) should put together a crack amateur team for the next event.

As it turned out the swell provided 4-5 foot waves for the weekend with one set topping out at 10 feet. This is always a problem for surf events, no waves.

Check out ESKA’s Website for full rundown of the event.

Winners in Category:

  • 1st Buck Johnson Grand Masters (old farts) Long Boat
  • 1st Charles Salters Long Boat
  • 1st Lindsay Usher Women’s Long Boat
  • 1st Steve Riordan Wave ski
  • 1st Tom May Grand Masters Short Boat
  • 1st Garazi Iturralde Women’s Short Boat (also voted best wave of the comp) Sidenote: I wish my name was Garazi Iturralde
  • 1st Matt Radis Grand Masters Short Boat
  • 1st Anthony Bell Long Boat
  • 1st Edu Exteberria Short Boat
  • 1st Junior Julen Arriz (only junior) half of life is showing up!

Honorable Mention in Big Letters here, is 3rd place in the long boat division for John Tarbell who is reputedly from the Great Lakes, I will be hunting down more info on this later.

I am planning on heading down for the World Championships in 2011, I hope to have the world championship coverage first hand from Cape Hatteras.