Core Workout Video for Runners-Kayakers-Cyclists

This core workout video from Team USA Runner Josh Cox. His pretty boy looks, body shaving and tattoos aside, he is a 2:13 marathoner so I personally won’t argue with the results.

I’ve personally been motivated by my back and hip-flexor issues to start doing these religiously. I’ve found that a desk job has killed my core strength and stability more than anything. This sort of activity should be an every day set of exercises. As this set of muscles is used to stabilize the trunk during distance efforts, it would behoove kayakers and cyclists alike to work this exercise into their workout regimen.

As I have the winter blues pretty bad and I want to go surfing something fierce I may as well focus on what I can work do right?

I’ve found the side plank and the threading the needle maneuver to be challenging for me and my real nemesis.


  1. Keith,

    I had major problems last winter with some components in my lower back.
    PT was eye opening, focusing not on the exercise but on the proper form, hence my comments regarding his form. Unfortunately, both the form and muscle strength are quite related – without good base doing most of exercises is next to impossible. The good thing – most of the reasonable yoga studious should be able to help out with proper form.

    I noticed major improvements on my balance while running after starting weight training hip abductor/adductor groups.
    I also like to incorporate BOSU ball for balance.

    • I had the same eye opener, but the reality has taken longer to sink in. My wife who is very into pilates has been watching my form for me. It was very frustrating at first to have someone keep correcting me, but it did help.

      I had problems with my Psoas muscle and hip adbuctors as well from over use.

      I have also been grooving on the BOSU ball!

  2. Why couldn’t they find a nice runner girl to show these exercises?

    Now, for the more serious comments:
    1. Push ups – see how his blades go back? Shouldn’t – the trick is to keep them in place 🙂 Very important for paddlers who want to avoid shoulder issues.
    2. Those planks, or whatever – his body is not straight, it is bent.
    3. Ever thought which is harder – slow and smooth or fast and jerky? Try it 🙂
    Sets are nothing new – yoga, pilates have much wider range; some of them are even better suited for paddlers.

    Disclaimer – I do not run 2:13 marathon.

    • They do have some females doing some stuff but it is stretching.


      On the other side. He is very strong, which you can tell from his ability to convert from the fore-plank to the side-plank with no jerky motions. I agree on your finer points of form about straight torso and the need to make sure your shoulder blades do not touch.

      Fast vs slow. All my empirical data suggests slow. What do you think?

      As to how new it is? My aim is to motivate and inform at the same time.

      If someone knew about these exercises, but perhaps thought they didn’t need to do it because it wasn’t going to help as much as say, just going running or paddling?… Then I wanted them to have the same reality check that I did about this. As you get older and sit longer at a desk your core muscles atrophy. No clean way around that. Some atrophy more than others. I atrophied at an astonishing rate, and I NEED to be doing this every other day, if not every day. I am trying to get motivated myself to stick with it.

      Thanks for stopping by Marius. Next time don’t worry about your email getting SPAMMED. I almost didn’t promote your comment until I saw who it was.

      Good Luck!

  3. Another really good variation to the side plank, is to combine the side plank with standard push ups. Do a push up, roll onto the left arm and point the right arm to the ceiling. Alternate sides with each push up, and do sets of 20. Besides the core muscles, these seem to work the smaller muscles around the shoulder quite well, which may help avoid shoulder separations!

    I do these, so they are probably easier than the type done by pretty boy.