Let’s call this the comeback, again

Ran 13 miles for the first time since the fifth 3rd 15 mile race in April 2005. Recovery from injury gets harder with every year. Not that I am an old man by any stretch. But I am not a 19 year old soccer hooligan anymore. If I fall it takes weeks to come back. I’ve been steadily increasing my mileage with the thought of doing a race sometime this spring. I was thinking maybe a marathon. Don’t know if I can squeeze it in, because I am actually more worried about my paddling fitness for the Islands of Lake Michigan trip.

Doing 13 Miles felt like my veins had been opened up fully again to let all the good drugs into my blood. No better word for it than purification. Want to feel like you earned your dinner? Put one foot in front of the other for thirteen miles!

Granted the stretching, the IT band massaging afterwards gets old, but it always seems so worth it.