Tiderace 2012 Product Catalog

Tiderace Xtreme 2012

I received the new Tiderace 2012 product catalog from Randy at New York Kayak Company just before our first annual Gales – Storm Gathering in Marquette. Randy made the drive from Manhattan to bring some kayaks out for the instructors and participants to try out. It was a great opportunity to try the Xtreme in conditions, as well as the Xcite, and Xplore models.

I’m really excited about the Xplore_M and the new color models. They look pretty hot. Wish I had room in the fleet for an Xtreme as well. I had a great time surfing the Xtreme in the river mouth in Manistique. It is very nimble and surprisingly quick for a planing hull kayak with all that rocker.

Randy has left a number of models with me for sale and for demo. I will be arranging a formal demo on the water for anyone interested. As well as informal demos of the Xcite and Xplore_S models.

The 2012 Tiderace Catalog as PDF. It is broken out by pages due to size.

Tiderace Construction

Tiderace Xtreme

Tiderace Xcite

Tiderace Xcite_S

Tiderace Xcape

Tiderace Xtra

Tiderace Xplore_S Xplore_M, Xplore_L

Tiderace Xplore_X

Contact me me @ go kayak now dot com with any questions about models and pricing.

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  1. Wow, that’s one good looking boat indeed! I love that paint job.

    David J.